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THE LAZY SUSAN PP SHRED SLED - Conceived on the paddock of a far south coast bush doof and smuggled across the border, the Ryan Sewell pro model is for when you wanna get real high! Comes with free worldwide shipping, free DRAG tee and sticker pack.

Kinetic Polypro Core -
This core is top shelf. Lightweight fusion formed for instant recoil, mad projection, enhanced longitudinal stiffness + unrivaled compression strength. Also about as waterproof as a shred sled can get.

- CFT high performance Stringer
- 8lb NXLPE
- Crescent tail with badass tailpiece
- Surlyn Slick
- Mesh
- nose bulbs for maximum grip + shredability

Colourways -
Black deck, green pin, black rails, white slick