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A project from Ryan Mattick and James Kates. One day in late 2009 it dawned on the couple that the polypropylene sled had indeed stolen their lives. Overwhelmed with regret, the duo poured both heart and dole into translating their deep torment and inner anguish through motion picture. What transpired wasn't the profoundly-impacting release they had planned. With no storyline, no profound imagery and no actual underlying message, the project was not the emotional epic they had planned, but rather a high octane surf flick jam-packed full of horizontal wave planing.

Starring Jase Finlay, Thom Robinson, James Kates, Sam Bennett, Jono Bruce, Chris James and a motion picture debut by James Cayley who would later go on to be immortalised as 'The Viking', this film is overflowing with stoke!


- James Cayley squeezing himself into some big pits and attempting several high flying manoeuvres, such as the cutback.

- Thom Rob v Jono Bruce South Oz smackdown

- Finlay out maxing shipsterns

- Soundtrack is killer

Running time: 60 mins