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Stoke Machine issue #1 with The Viking 2: GRACIAS EL GATO


Stoke Machine issue #1 comprises of the following;

- The Viking 2: Gracias El Gato feature dvd
- Stoke Jr High bonus feature
- Stoke Machine 52 page magazine
- Free Stickers from Iamnone, Zion, Stoke Machine and LeBoogie
- That's a feature film, with bonus Stoke Junior High section, magazine and stickers for under 15 bucks, mega value!!!!

Continuing from the monumental success of The Viking, comes the sequel, 'Gracias El Gato'. Featuring salt crusaders Chris James, Jase Finlay, Thom Robinson, James Cakes and James 'The Viking' Cayley as you have never seen them before; in bodyboarding's first ever Spaghetti Western. The five compadres lose themselves in a vortex of wild Canarian crests, barrenly-beautiful landscapes and old Spanish men smoking pipes in the street. All served with a side of green screen, bad acting and one hell of a wayward plot. By far the most ambitious bodyboarding film ever made!


- James Cayley and Jase Finlay's performances are both tear-jerking!

Running time: 46 mins