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Nothing says ‘veteran of the budget indonesian land-camp’ more than the wettie trunk. 8 hours out at desert point battling bintang induced dehydration, fighting off the early signs of malaria in a pair of trunks? Nah lord. You’re sheathed in neoprene. Rash free with the block and tackle insulated in reef-proof rubber. The practicality is undeniable, Wettie shorts are hydrodynamic, lightweight and easily dropped to the ankles when some suss mi goreng turns ya digestive track into a storm water drain during a cyclone. Made of 2mm super stretchy neoprene for those who tend to blow out over christmas and make a 1998 occy style comeback in the new year. Comes in G Land rock pool Aqua or stealth black

- 2mm
- 100% Superstretch
- Flatlock stitching
- Drawstring
- Backzip & SurfCore trampstamp authenticity
- Get em hugging ya junk real snug as they’ll stretch & wrap around the blownest of Christmas rigs