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The Viking


One bold Conqueror leads an army of men to the coldest corners of the earth in search of an icy utopia. The journey of discovery and plunder leaves no stone unturned, no wave unmolested and no woman un-flowered. But does paradise come with a price-tag?

Critically acclaimed as one of the best and most entertaining bodyboard flicks of all time. Amazing wave-wrangling by Thom Robinson, Jase Finlay, Chris James, Sam Bennett, James Kates and The Viking himself, James Cayley, in France, Ireland, Scotland and Iceland. Mind-blowing cinematography and soundtrack made specifically for the movie by Shining Bird, Russell W, Absolute Boys and Mickey Smith. A must have for the collection!


- James Cayley as The Viking

- Surfing in the snow in Iceland.

- Mad ripping and old men lifestyles in Ireland.