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Core Disciples, children of Zion. The New Testament of neoprene is nigh. Since the dawn of man North Coast pilgrims have persevered the sub-tropical winter in the tattered robes of the traditional Cash Converters back-up. Grimly enduring flatlock seepage, crippling groin rash and day long prawn shrinkage.

I would look at thy neighbour in disgust. Neo-heathens wrapped in the gluttonous comfort of a 3/2. Overheated sinners, worshipping at the alter of false idols in nauseating fluro suits, marked with insignias of the reptilian surf industry monoculture. My fellow man, why have you strayed so far from the core path?

This winter, my martyrdom was finally rewarded. A 2mm omnicolour liquid dreamcoat. Bearing triad sigils of the Zion Occult. The traditionalist in me was initially upset when a miscommunication led to the zip being put on the front. However, the designers have atoned for this new-age entry system by the minimalist all black aesthetic, scrotum-friendly bamboo charcoal jersey and inherent lack of bullshit gimmickry .

The Core Lord. Saviour of the Northern winter and lightweight ceremonial gown which satisfies even the most militant of core extremist. Made by Zion, an independent Australian company, and will only require a partial sacrifice of your fortnightly Newstart allowance.

*In an act of piety, religious diety @surfcore2001 has declined to profit from this venture.

The Core Lord 2mm ceremonial ocean gown features:

- 100% 2mm Japanese limestone based neoprene all over
- Lightweight ceremonial ocean gown guaranteed not to overheat
- 100% External Liquid Taping
- 100% free of bullshit gimmickry
- Core chest access with backzip-esque ease of entry
- Minimal black logowork
- Newstart Allowance friendly price tag


Zion Wetsuits - independently owned and operated for the core, not the corporate.